Day 577 – Franco-Ontarian day

Monday, September 25th 2017

Today was Franco-Ontarian day, where French Ontarians celebrate the people who fought for French in Ontario and our love for the language.

The day started off with technology, and I finished my tree! About time. It’s not bad at all!

The second class we had was English. I got my draft back, and I realised I put the wrong name for my teacher… I thought his name was a certain one, but turns it out wasn’t, because my schedule at the start of the year was wrong, so the teacher’s name was wrong. Woops. Luckily I got a new schedule printed out at some point, so I don’t have to awkwardly ask what his name is.

We were called to go see the Franco-Ontarian flag rise! The woman who fought and contributed to the French-Ontarian community, and who our school is named after was there. It’s such a shame though, because so many people had zero respect. We could not hear a single thing of what she was saying. A group behind me was yelling “No one gives a shit!” “It’s so hot, hurry up so I can go inside!” “Just put the flag up already!” Kohai and I felt bad afterwards so we went to see her and thank her. She was so sweet and bright. She asked us what year we were in and when we said 12th, she said she’ll be at our graduation. She probably always goes, but it’s still very nice to hear. She reminds me a bit of a mix of both my grandmothers, putting her hand on my arm and shoulder, and smiling. Some other students came to thank her as well, which she seemed appreciative about. She’s so sweet.

At lunch I sat with my close friend and we discussed the disrespect during the speech, dreams, and school in general. Our other close friend came along near the end.

In math I got my test back. I had high hopes for it, but I didn’t get what wanted at all. It was a B-, and for me, that’s not up to my standards one bit. A minimum for me is A-. Because of that, I felt kinda in a crappy mood for the rest of the afternoon. I think Kohai noticed, but I think I assured her it wasn’t her fault. At least I know what I need to improve on now, and it’s to revise when I get the chance (although I didn’t get quite much of one), and to read the questions very, very carefully.

In French we had a substitute. We read and practiced for our quiz tomorrow.

At home I did my math homework and got stuck on three questions. I gave up and went to eat supper. I then fed the cat (he ate it all so quickly, and usually he doesn’t eat it at all and only his crunchies; it’s probably cause my brother put tuna in his food a couple of times before so he would eat, although I didn’t this time), washed the dishes and went upstairs to practice French. I tried math again, but I gave up and decided I’ll just ask Kohai or find a way tomorrow. So I took a shower, watched two episodes of Supernatural, change the cat’s water, made sure his food bowl was full, and now I’m going to bed.

That’s all for today.

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