Finicky business

Asking for a ring back from someone you love. I feel it was the right call though. Everytime I visit you it would warm my heart seeing you wear it, but my heart would break in two seeing it on your finger. I couldn’t stand the idea of you loving someone else while wearing a ring that I gave you promising that we would love each other. I couldn’t stand it or deal with it and it would make me jealous thinking about it and then I saw the picture on your fridge. Reminded me of the picture we took the last time we went to Chuck E. Cheese. It hurt. My scarred heart reopened and I felt so much pain seeing you kissing him. I loved you too much. Way too much. I gave you that ring thinking we would eventually get married even though it terrified me to give it to you because I gave my heart. I know I made you angry and sad and that I hurt you too doing this. You’ll find someone who will love you more than I did and they will give you a ring and hopefully that ring will be yours to keep forever with them. I now know that my ring wasn’t the one. I know we can be friends after this still. I know you’re hurt now but you have someone who will help you with the pain. I hope he’s treating well. 

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