Ghosts from the past

so against my better judgment I’m going out with Anthony again. He called me back and didn’t really apologize but just explained that we just had a misunderstanding on the phone the other day. I could care less. At this point he’s just someone to hangout with and have somewhat decent sex with but other that that I feel nothing for him. I could be ordering coffee and thinking about him and I would feel the same. We’re going to that Halloween store (try number 2) and getting some drinks. I went out spur of the moment last night and I’m kind of glad I did. Everything just happened so fast and we went to this usual spot we go to on Sunday’s and at first I wasn’t really having a good time because there was no one cute there to flirt with but we were relatively early.  So I was resolved to not doing much when I saw this guy that kind of looked familiar and turns out it was this guy I used to work with who I had a huge crush on. He got fired or laid off and I never really saw him after that. Then a year ago he randomly texted me and we started flirting and got to sexting pretty hard. It’s funny though cause when I ran into him last night it was like that whole thing never happened. Of course he was still cute so I went home with him and his friend last night but I feel like his friend was cockblocking me cause he was all over me last night. Or Rob (the hot one) just wasn’t interested anymore. Rob ended up going to bed without me ugh and his friend kept trying to massage me and finger me. I was just not having it but I was so drunk and tired. I moved couches like 3 times hoping he’d get the hint but every time he ended up cuddling right next to me. Annoying fucker. I woke up this morning and puked and was surprisingly able to start my car and I went home and slept kind of all day. Now I’m just waiting around for Anthony to hurry and get his ass over here. I’m wary of drinking again so soon but I just can’t stand him sober. I dunno. I’m just have zero luck with guys right now. That better change for October because I want someone to do Halloween stuff with. That’s not so much to ask. Anyways that’s all for now. 

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