how will you know if you never try?

I want to try everything and do everything before it’s too late.

COIN is such a good band. This title is the name of their album, which is hellsa lit. I love it.

I was having a discussion with my mom about what I should major in. My dad is continually pushing for computer science or computer engineering, but I don’t know… My mom said being a pharmacist would be good if all I cared about was money. At the very least, it requires six years of education, and then additional training. But the salary is A+, if that’s the only thing I want to care about.

I’m really lost. I don’t know what I want to do.

But I’m having a great time in school. School is great for me right now, honestly. I’m doing things, talking to people, laughing a lot.

My friend JS cut her hair, so it’s just chin-length now. She looks really good, but really different. I would cut my hair a little, but since I’m still trying to do my hair in fancy shapes and stuff, I’ll wait. I actually managed to do a messy and loose rope braid, although it kept unraveling, so there was obviously a trick there that I have yet to master. I’ve also tried multiple times to French braid and fishtail braid my own hair, which is really hard because I can’t see and my arms get super tired.

I just followed a bunch of people on Instagram for no reason at all. Why not; I know them. I might as well use Instagram since it’s there on my phone.

I don’t want to sleep but at the same time I really do want to sleep. It’s twelve.

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