My second mistake- C

This would be titled my first mistake, but I think my first mistake was kissing this boy in the first place, and thinking I was anything different to this fucker. My second mistake was spilling it. All of it.

My boy-loving, obnoxious, one of a kind best friend and I got allll excited to talk about this boy. and she would not believe this. I had to tell her because I mean cmon we were obsessed with this boy!!!

Unfortunately, we were both dumb, because that spread like wildfire. I wasn’t too worried, I mean what was the worst thing that could happen? it was my first few weeks of HIGHSCHOOL.

He denied it. every part of it. Said it never happened. I went along with it to keep it, to keep my name. to keep him. I was so wrong, that was my worst mistake- so far. There are plenty to follow.

He was so ashamed of me. I cried for weeks. I went to counseling and tried to explain this horrible empty feeling I had inside me, from where he lied and where my best friend used to be.

My first month of high school and I had no one.

Don’t worry, he came back.

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