Charity and the congregation (thou shall not kill)

This morning I got up and got ready, got out of my house and headed out.


This is supposed to keep me safer and save my life, maybe.  


Went to get a free breakfast offered by a church and I had been there before and guess what?  I was told about a food pantry so I asked about it at the window.  There’s a window in the alley where people line up to get coffee, Kool-Aid, and their breakfast for free, who are in need, of course.  I was told to wait out front by this woman who said she would talk to me about the food pantry.  So I went out front and sat down.  Then someone told me she had come out and was looking for me.  I didn’t see her.  So I moved to the side of the building, but a little out front near the street.  Nope.  Moved back to sitting on the front church steps, and lo and behold, I got zapped hard on the right side of my head by sonic wave weapons focused to a point.  Fun.  Hadn’t even eaten.  Left my house to avoid that and didn’t work.


Years ago, audio input (gaslighting) into my house, someone said that they could pinpoint me anywhere.  True.  Can happen anywhere I go.   Someone is reading this as I write it on some public techno level using cameras and stuff.  That’s been going on for 7 years.  In my ‘hood, in the county, anywhere I go.  Right now I’m at St Louis Bread Co on S Broadway.  I know I love St Louis and it’s my hometown, but how far does this go?  Would I even be able to leave (not that I have money to do so) and escape this camera/weapon hell?  Damned if I do and damned if I don’t because leaving the house has never been enough but sometimes it’s all I can do.  Now what?

Trinity Lutheran Church (soup kitchen in the alley, but happened on front steps of the church)

Kingshighway Baptist Church (food pantry, various places within the building)

Chapel for the Exceptional (2nd floor, basement cafeteria area, church w/pews area)

That’s all I can think of with churches for now.


This is killing me and it’s done by some churches?  Killing in the name of God for?  Thou shall not kill.  The most important of the 10 commandments.  Do not murder. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.  Love one another.  Of these three, faith, hope and love, love is most important.  Charity.  Charity?  Hurting me when I am going in need to a church to eat as are so many others?  God understands why I don’t attend any church service, though I want to, anymoreThis is not God’s plan as some say.   All of this goes against God, Jesus Christ and the teachings of God, our Father in Heaven. Can’t stand this sense of righteousness in the name of God these jerks think they have to hurt and try to murder me.  Oy vey.  Oy gevalt.

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