[76] ~*Wed – 09/27/17*~

[11:51 pm]

I had a hard time with my sleeping last night. I wonder if I should be taking a pill as I haven’t in nine days. I was just waking up and tossing around so much. I don’t even know how to sleep anymore. Seems that I can’t find any comfy position. Sleep is so hard when it should be so easy.

Anyways, I was setting my hair this morning and one side is definitely more pink than the other. I try not to let it affect me but blah. The pink has also lost it’s color even after one wash. Oh well.. Seems like I talk about my hair too much. I still love it very much!

I came home between clients but didn’t go to bed cause I didn’t have enough time. I ate and picked up all those mushrooms in the yard. Gosh, I made a full bag of them. They were huge. I really don’t understand why I have all these mushrooms. 

Work wasn’t too bad but one of my client is getting hard on the head. He keeps talking about random stuff he shouldn’t talk about and I can’t really shut him up. I hate taking him out sometimes cause other people seem to be annoyed by him and the things he says. The time with him on Wed is going way too slow when we’re at the club. He keeps talking to people and want people to listen to him but they all try to ignore him. 

I got an email from one of the many Mystery Shops company I’m with to start doing theaters. That would be cool! I applied and hope I get it. I’m not too sure if they’ll let me do those as I did work for the theater in the past. I also need to start looking at doing shops again. I haven’t done any in a while but like I just said, I’m with so many companies that it gets confusing on where to look. So many usernames and passwords. 

Beside that, I’m still excited about going to mom’s next week. I will be going to this restaurant I really enjoy back home. Yummy! I just hope my friend won’t be mad at me for us going for a drive to the in-laws. I almost said something again cause she was asking me if I had wrapped my niece’s gift with actual wrapping paper as I’m cheap and just use flyers. Haha! Kids don’t care about the wrapping, they just want what’s inside so why should I spend money on wrapping paper?! I did do buy actual one this time. I guess I was in a better mood. Lots of time I won’t even wrap it. This time I wrapped each lil thing by itself, there’s seven of them. I then put them all in a box and wrapped the box. There! You want it wrapped, you got it! Bouhaha! I almost said you’ll see what I did when we go there but caught myself in time. Gosh, I can’t wait for us to go and be done with it cause I keep almost slipping and telling her. 

I’m also excited cause a friend of mine texted me to see if me and hub would like to go over at some point to play an escape room game. We’ve been saying that we want to go to one for ever and never went but she bought board games so she want to try one of those. I’m actually very shocked that she’s asking us to go as I thought she was going to do those with other friends. I feel all good about it. It’s very rare that people ask me to do stuff, it’s always me asking them. It really feels good for a change to be asked. She had talked about those a few months back and I was sure she had already used it with other people but apparently she hasn’t used it yet and is inviting us. This is going to be fun although I’m dumb so I’ll prob be useless. 

We also weren’t supposed to be spending more money this month but we ended up going to the buffet at the Casino and took my friend with us. We then went to her place to try and get her screen working with our PC but it’s still not working. We even tried putting her TV as a screen and it’s not working which we don’t understand why. It should of worked with the TV. Now we wonder if the tower is maybe not working but we’d have to take it back home and try it on our screen but we were too tired to do so. I feel bad cause she still doesn’t have a PC and I wonder if I should maybe lend her my laptop or the tablet. I’m looking to see if I should buy her a tablet. I just feel that I may do to much. Hub never once said anything about me giving or spending money on her but in the last year I gave her almost $1000 and that’s without all the times I take her out to eat, to the movies and such. 

Anyways, I’m super tired and I don’t think I’ll even read tonight. I might get a few things done on my farm and that’s it. 





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