Bob 1

Last Friday, I had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I had to put one of my beloved fur babies to sleep.
  Now my pets have always been and will be like my children. It is my choice not to have human babies.

Just over 8 years ago was when I first met and fell in love with the ginger boy that I was to call Bob. He hadn’t been treated well, and yes came from a pet shop. The runt of the litter. He was the remaining kitten, I knew I had to have him.
  Over the years I discovered he had a few issues, delicate tummy, allergies, and a few other bits. He disliked men, and hated my ex! When I split from my ex, Bob blossomed. He became this super confident ginger ball of insanity. He followed me everywhere, would throw a temper tantrum if I shut him out of a room I was in.
  He would be the first to greet me when I got home, I had to do the cat greeting of nose to nose; and tell him ‘Bob, I’m home’. He would follow me into the bathroom, or the Bob-room as I ended up calling it. He demanded tickles whilst I was doing my business, often curling in to sit in the crotch of my trousers.
  When I went to bed, I had to tell him ‘Time for bed, Bob’ and he would follow me. He would curl up on my lap if I was reading, and eventually got used to me constantly trying to get comfy. When I laid down to sleep, he would give me a little kiss before laying as close to me as possible, on top of the duvet, often times pressing against me. If he left the bed, when he came back he would carefully jump onto the bed, and if I was awake, would wait for me to gently stroke him and tell him goodnight.
  He would run to me whenever I called his name, and often come up to me and meow in certain ways to tell me what he wanted. He was such a softy! He even learnt to grab my hand or face between both of his front paws to give me one of his kisses.

Every where I look there are memories of him, and I think I will have those scratches on my wallpaper for quite a while yet.

Bob, you took a piece of me with you that can never be replaced. Until we meet again, Bob, I love you my ginger psycho butt. xxx

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  1. I’m so sorry. Losing our fur babies is so hard. We said goodbye to our to canine babies over the summer after 16 and 17 years of their loving companionship. And as if the universe knew we needed someone to fill the awful hole in our hearts a tiny ginger kitty came into our lives. Gingers are truly special. This new guy is the 3rd ginger kitty in my life and all have been uniquely wonderful companions.
    My heartfelt sympathies to you my dear.

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