Day 1 – The First Step

I think its time that I start exploring my crazy imaginations and start turning them into reality. There are so many things that I want to do, but I keep waiting for the day when I will be free. I am tired of waiting, dont know how far is that day. God also is silent on my prayers, I have been asking one thing from so long.

I have to accept the fact that I can’t wait for the day I will feel free. I have to start working on my dreams, my imaginations now. Few things I want to do first is build an RC flying airplane, learn how to recognize video content and do actions based on it. Maybe for the video part, I have to start with images first. Only direction I have is that it has to do something with deep learning. So I will start learning in this direction. This field is large, so I have to focused on particular area I am interested in, which is image and video analysis.

I am hoping to find a nice learning material, preferably short, concise and written (instead of video) or maybe I can view MIT’s (or another good institution) lectures to build up a strong base which would be needed. 

I’m in office at this moment, would try to read more about 1-point perspective. See you diary, be good.


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