Day 578 – Post-secondary options and tests

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Did you noticed I got rid of the “th” and added a comma? Cause apparently that’s the correct way of writing it. Although, I didn’t remove my “th” from my writing assignment. However, seems like my teacher only took the comma into consideration, and didn’t know about the “th” either when correcting my draft. Either way, I want to improve my grammar. Although, entries will remain informal for the most part. Contractions will still be used, for example.

Today was alright! Lately I’ve been trying to be a more positive/kind and hard-working person. I believe what made me try to be more positive and kind was my religion, but a YouTube video made me try to be more hardworking.

I started with French. We had a grammar quiz, which went alright. I had time to study beforehand, and although it helped, I forgot a couple of tiny things. Oh well. I have no idea how well I did, but if it isn’t up to my standards, I’ll just try harder next time! I feel confident it’ll be at least a decent grade though.

In math we corrected our homework and learned a new formula. Near lunch, but still during class, students who signed up went to a university presentation. I went with Kohai, and before the presentation was halfway done, I concluded it was definitely not the university for me. It was a third option for me, and I didn’t want it in the first place. What made me fully cross it out from my options was the prerequisite class, which was math fonctions. I have statistics, and not fonctions, nor do I have room for it. It makes sense they’re asking for it, since the class isn’t animation, and mostly programming, design, and animation a part of it.

I quickly ate lunch with my close friends and left for English. We got our vocabulary test back, and I got a 100%! Although, it wasn’t the hardest test, since it was only about word definitions and context, such as irrelevant, congenial, supple, petulant, and so on. You only really had to learn the definition of twenty or so words. On top, we had homework and quizzes (quizzes don’t count in that class though) with all those words to practice.

I finished the day with technology. I took time to correct my writing assignment with what the teacher wrote down on my paper. It seems he only correct the first two paragraphs, so I went and tried my best to correct the remaining. For the other half of the class, I started a new Blender tutorial.

At home I finished correcting my paper, printed it out, did some more college and university research, ate supper, washed the dishes, finished my math homework, read Life of Pi and then watched two episodes of Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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