Monday September 27 2017

It’s Monday and Sarah collects me from the station from which we make our way to the chippy, collect dinner and find a spot at the edge of Palm Beach.  I adore the conversation that follows and Sarah smiles a lot throughout. I do too.  She makes me laugh quite a bit.  That quirky sense of humour shines through at times.  Like all her layers, Sarah has an ability to switch between them with ease.  Perhaps it’s the comfortable and relaxed environments we always appear to find ourselves in?  Whatever it may be, I’m well chuffed.

At the climax of our feasting, we dispatch our shoes and make a bee line for the soft sands of the beach.  We hold hands like live struck teenagers exploring love for the first time.  We suspend our walk after a while for a hug and the exchanging of some cheeky kisses.  Each and every kiss Sarah delivers is done so with passion and desire.  I’ll never tire of her affection.

Our conversation flips between topics but I enjoy it most when she talks about her kids.  I notice a glint in her eyes.  This is a mother who would walk to the end of time for the people she loves.  Indeed, a rare breed in today’s world of self centred humanoids lacking sensitivity and compassion.

The air is stiff with a slight chill.  Much better than the heat experienced earlier in the day.  It makes me crave Sarah’s hugs even more.  Eventually, we lay down on the sand and I find myself staring into the sky, admiring the beautiful stars that line the evening as we embrace.  All I could wish for is right here.  At one point I find myself drifting away, almost capable of falling into a deep sleep.  It feels that good when we are together.  A glance at the time suggests we should make our way home and settle in for an evening of cuddles, cups of tea and quality British viewing.  Out of the blue, I’m handed a strawberry milkshake! Sarah’s milkshakes certainly bring this boy to the yard!  We settle in to watch Trainspotting 2 though, the screen aspect is small and tricky to watch.  Not long after, we have a eureka moment and transfer the viewing to the laptop and the snuggles to the flat couch.

The movie is good but with every passing moment, I feel my cravings for Sarah intensify. I had in fact, promised myself that I wouldn’t make love tonight.  I wanted her to know as much as I desire and crave her in that way, my desires speed over a far greater playing surface. As I gently stroke her, we move closer together and I struggle to resist.  I desperately want to kiss her.  I refuse myself.  Then I submit.  The softness of her skin is too great an incentive to remove.  And, as always, Sarah’s kisses are bordering on mind altering.  Each time we make love, I feel myself falling deeper and deeper.  It’s been a long time since I have felt this relaxed and comfortable around anyone.  When Sarah touches my face, I feel loved.

We lose track of time and every time I think I am satisfied, Sarah’s skin brushes mine, our lips meet, she touches me in a particular way or she says something that flicks the switch.  I want her again. And again. And again. And, yes, once more.

Late into the evening, we take a shower together and gently wash one another. Sarah’s skin is so soft all over yet toned and delicious.  I feel as though I could stand under the water with her for hours! I don’t feel an urge to make love again, just a craving to feel close to her.  Her conversations tend to go off into tangents which I love.  Bit like myself.  With further clarity, we dry ourselves down and head to bed where we fall asleep. Bliss!

The next morning, I wake up late.  When my eyes open, I see my love standing there, smiling again (she does this a helluva lot) and advises me that it’s time for a cup of tea and breakfast on the way to the station.  I go upstairs to grab my phone and check train times.  It’s here where I call work with the proviso of taking the day off.  It goes through to message bank. Bugger.  As it turns out, the working day was incredibly busy so, as they say, everything happens for a reason.  Today was not the day to be sick.

The remainder of our morning flashes by and before I know it, we’ve managed to eat breakfast by way of a stopover at McDonalds and a dash to Coomera train station.  We break the rules and pull up in the bus zone.  I think as a couple, we are going to break many more rules along our journey together.  We’ll be partners in crime I guess you could say?

With that, we kiss and go our seperate ways.  On the train, I miss her terribly.  Only 5 sleeps to go I tell myself as I listen to her playlist.  As I write, it’s only 4!


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