My birthday

So I feel that birthdays are suppose to about the person whose birthday it is.  So before I go off and seem like a spoil brat or something but I am very greatful for all the love that I got yesterday. But it was a very hard day.  I had a break down twice yesterday because I missed him. Madyson and I went to the cementery and had cupcakes with him and sat for a few minutes. Madyson doesn’t like going there so she sat in the car. I didn’t get upset at all just wish that he was here.  So to get to the point why im mad is this.  My MOTHER didn’t even call me.. She texted me but DIDNT CALL.  Like really like what the fuck did I do for you not to even call me.  But  IDK I guess I need to back off and stop caring.  So today is my aunts birthday well for some odd reason her number got deleted out of my phone. The second phone number that got deleted.  Well she calls me and I was in the post office because I won on a lottery ticket from my aunt and uncle so I sent it back and they will get me 3.00 worth and give it to me at Disney.  So I called her back and she goes 2 things I am okay the car is okay but I got into an accident.  So im like okay do you want me to come to you and she goes no im okay I just want somebody to look at the car. Well I go I will come and get it later and bring it home and john will look at it. And she goes no I don’t want to drive your car. its just the point. and im like well your fine the car is fine just get over it it. There is nothing wrong. Now that might of sound like im a bitch or something but im already pissed because she didn’t even call and that my cousin left at 915 last night. So I guess my dad is saying karma you didn’t call my princess and  she is upset.  Well I didn’t really say much on the phone and I just said one word answers.  Im sorry but im hurt. like she knew that yesterday was a hard say for me and the one person I wanted to call didn’t. I know people would say you could of called. NO its my birthday I shouldn’t of have to call people they should of called me and my mother should of. Even when I was on the phone she never once asked me how my birthday was so when I got off the phone I texted my husband and told him and I said I will remember this.  So I dk.  I just feel like I should of gotten a call not just a text from my mother knowing that I was having a hard time this week.  She knew its not like I didn’t say anything.  So I feel bad that she got bump accident but I don’t because its karma. that’s all..Have a good day.

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