Wednesday September 27th

Well, I finally got a phone call from a FCPS school. Harrison Elementary. I tried calling the principal back, but she was in a classroom. I’m sure I will touch base with her at some point today. That means they are interested in me. So, does that mean I need to go? The crazy loon I have to work with here is killing me. Today she fucking handed out chocolate to the kids coming in the room The kids that already come in rowdy. Great idea. Give them chocolate indiscriminately- no matter how bad their behavior is. She gave a kid that I already had to call his mother on the REST of the BAG of Hershey’s Kisses. The boy has slept or disrupted every day-one day I said his name and he yelled “WHAT!” at me. That woman is a goddam idiot. I was doing better dealing with her, but she hasreally crossed the line with the google classroom and assigning work to all the students AND the candy today, and bitching about not getting copy of my lesson plan today when we are fucking labeling a cell. She also wants the answer key. Hello! Fucking google a labeled cell and there’s your answer key. I cannot possibly put up with this woman until June regardless of what I do.  I’m sick, too. I have lost my voice and can barely talk. I know I just need to go home and teach sped at that elementary school. I would be able to work summer school then if I was teaching sped again. If I go there- I am leaving social medial all together. I cannot bear to deal with it. 

Later, that same day…

I feel terrible. I came home at 3 right after school. I am so sick. I have no voice. I am dreading tomorrow. We have open house so I will have to be at school until 8 tomorrow night. It starts at 5, so there’s no time to go home first. I will just be stuck there all that time. My feet are killing me. I wore my new boots today and I shouldn’t have. I don’t know what I will wear tomorrow. I wish that principal would call me back. 

I am starving and I feel so bad. I ordered a pizza. I am hoping it gets here soon. I am going to take that job at Harrison if she will offer it to me. It will take at least a month to get there. I am going to try to sell my 2 air conditioners and my fridge before I go. I don’t need them. 


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