What happens now?

I am a full time college student who lives at home with my mother, stepfather, and little brother. Alongside being a full time college student, I work part time, have many friends, and a boyfriend. I thought college was supposed to be fun. What happened to all the stories we heard or read about? You know the ones where everyone goes out drinking and partying even on weeknights? Where is that at? Why is it that I feel that nothing I do is right? I am literally making myself sick with just how stressed I am.
I see what my mom was talking about now. How stressful everything is. I am failing a class, that is supposed to be one of the easy classes. My boyfriend just doesn’t understand, my parents don’t understand, no one understands. It seems that the ones who would understand aren’t even really my friends anymore. I feel as if I don’t belong. I don’t belong in college, I don’t belong at work, I don’t belong in my friendships, relationship, and family. I just don’t belong. I literally cannot do it anymore. I am getting to the point to ending everything, not life, just school and work and my relationship.
So please world just answer my question: What happens now?

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