Who Am I? #6

Since the last time: After going to see the clown performance We went to lunch. After we went to lunch we decide to see a movie the ‘ IT’ movie with her still in her clown make up. We received a lot of looks Which was fun .

After the clown movie I took her home we talked a little bit and said our goodbyes.

The next morning 1st thing she asked if I would like to go get breakfast. I said yes. We win had a nice breakfast and then proceeded to run errands all day long .

That evening after all the running around ,Sitting in her backyard she said can we just start fresh? 

So I thought after the whole week seen each other everyday ,We can start fresh .On Monday the following day she hesitated or I felt that she hesitated which led to an outpouring of pent up frustrations from both of us..

Tuesday we had very little contact with each other .The next day Wednesday ,I told myself that I was done being mad or upset over the situation did I accept it ,And they going forward I will remain friends with her because we share a lot of times a lot of good times.

And even if we are not together I still respect her and love her the same.So I sent her a couple a light hearted text Flirted with her a little bit And she responded  I told her that I would ride bikes that evening but I didn’t feel like it really .I went and ran my 3 and a 1/2 miles came home took a shower and headed down the street to a small  restaurant that we always go to,And waited for my salad .She called me I told her I was at invited her up .

I was really a book and didn’t notice I had come in till she sat down next to me put her arm around me and gave me a kiss and proceed to hug me for the longest time .We talked about the book that I was reading the class that I go to and I also let her know that I want to see my therapist today .She asked what we talked about and I told hermetic we talked about us mostly .She then said ‘I will go to counseling with you if it will help our relationship “. We can go in as a couple ,Because I think we should work on it .I said I agree .The next day she gave me the keys To her house anf told me that no matter what happens,i am to never give those back, and. That we need to stay focused on working through any problems or issues we have.  i gave her my keys and said the same. So thats where we are.

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