[77] ~*Thu – 09/28/17*~

[9:11 pm]

I just finished doing the suggies food. It took me a lil more than an hour to do. Now I’m hot! I wanted to get ahead of things earlier as I had about two hours between clients. I came home thinking I’d start preparing the food so I would have less to do when I’d get back from work. That didn’t work at all! I made the eggs but ended up eating them and had no more so I had to wait until I went to the store. Blah me!

I was too tired to get the garbage ready last night so I waited until this morning which wasn’t a good idea. I had to run all over the house to gather the bags to bring at the road while getting ready for work. When I was done, I was sweating. If only this darn heat could go away. I thought fall was here, surely doesn’t feel like it. I can’t wait for the snow, then I’ll know it will be cold.

I still slept without a pill which is still going good in general. The only thing is that I can’t seem to get comfy in any position and it’s starting to be annoying. My friend told me that I had to switch my mattress around and that it would help. I’m not too sure about that but I might try it when ever me and hub have time to do it as I surely ain’t trying that by myself as the mattress is a darn king size. Huge and heavy enough! I should check online too, see if I could find some suggestion on why I can’t get comfy.

I’m still waiting on that new Mystery Shop place as I tried to make an account yesterday and now it’s telling me that it has been deactivated. I emailed the scheduler (the one that had contacted me to join) and the tech or what ever (the email it told me to contact if I had any questions) so now I’m waiting on an answer. I tried calling the scheduler but I would always get the voicemail so I didn’t bother leaving a message, I emailed her instead.

Anyways, I still need to do the dishes and wash the suggies kitchens as they are both dirty but I need a break before getting to it. I have about half an hour left to my episode of American Horror Story so I’ll watch that and get to the dishes after. Time is just going by too darn fast.

Oh yea, I also got a thing for the Casino once again. Woot woot! Looks like I’ll be going next month as well. I’m not sure if my friend got one, I called her but she was gone to darts. I hope she did. Money, money! 

I was also able to get the second item in my game. Bouhaha! They did an update today and made it so we could buy the books we needed. At first I was pissed off once again cause people were saying you could buy the books in the store but I couldn’t see it. I could see everything else from the update, just not the darn books. I turned off my phone and restarted, I cleared the cache and data of the game but nothing. I was about to uninstall the game and reinstall but then they told me it was 1 RC for 1 book and I needed 14 so I decided it wasn’t worth it cause RC is something that’s hard to get in the game so I didn’t wanted to spend it on that as they just put a cute little squirrel (I LOVE SQUIRRELS!) in the game and he’s like 12 RC and I WILL GET HIM. So I had decided that what ever on that item I hadn’t gotten from the event but then when the store resetted, I could see the darn books. It didn’t say how many you were getting for 1 RC but it said “books” so I was wondering. I asked around but no one answered so I decided to spent the 1 RC to try it and got 5 books so that wasn’t too bad. I tried again, 5 again. I’m assuming it’s 5 for 1 RC as I bought three and always got 5. So it costed me 3 RC and I got the second item I couldn’t get a few days ago. Now I’m all happy! Lol! AND THERE’S A SQUIRREL IN THE GAME!! Hehe!




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