Day 579 – School & just relaxing

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Today was alright.

I started off with math. We had a work period, so I concentrated on questions I previously got wrong and tried my best to understand them. I managed to make them all work, except for one. Although our teacher will probably explain it tomorrow. Kohai also helped me a bit with my math project, which is awesome.

Next we had French. We had a substitute again, so we read for thirty minutes then watched a movie. Half of the movie was in another language, and there were no subtitles. The substitute was explaining what was going on in the movie. From what I said, you would expect she was explaining the parts with no subtitles, right? Well, not exactly. At some point a woman’s boyfriend was murdered, because where she lived, they had arranged marriages and she was not allowed to date. Naturally, she cried because of this. The substitute went and said “Look, she’s crying, because they just killed her boyfriend.” OH REALLY? I WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED! I THOUGHT SHE WAS CRYING FOR NO REASON. sigh. She did variations of this throughout the part we watched and didn’t seem like she knew what was going on at the non subtitled parts either.

At lunch I ate with my close friends as usual. I was tired for some reason so I kinda felt out of it. I wasn’t responding to the conversation as much.

In technology I continued my Blender project and then went off to English. I turned in my assignment and we worked on comma splices. Then we corrected questions on the book and continued reading.

I came home soaked and messy haired cause of the rain. I have naturally curly hair, so I hate/love rain. It’s soothing and I love the smell, but my hair is bound to become messy if it gets the littlest of drops.

I didn’t do much when I got home. I just relaxed a lot. I watched a play of “Be More Chill” because I kept seeing a lot of YouTube recommendations about it. It was alright.

Finished the day by watching Supernatural as usual.

That’s all for today.

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