Almost Empty Inside

Weekend just gone I went through so many emotions. All of the negative ones came to visit, especially anger and despair.
  I am ashamed to admit that I got angry at my remaining cat, Fred. I know now that it wasn’t fair to even think it was her fault, and have been told that it is a ‘normal’ part of grief.
  I felt so low so much that I even started to plan out what I could do to end it all.
 I am just about managing to feel what I should for my Fred, as I know she is grieving too; but I don’t seem to feel much more. I am making sure that I look after her, but am barely looking after myself.

I am doing what I can, talking to the friends and family, and spending time with Fred. It should get better, and what I am feeling, or not feeling, is normal… So I am told.

On a side note, I got the tattoo done for Bob.

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