Friday September 28 2017

Once more, last night (Thursday) was something else on an unimaginable scale.  I woke up horny (what’s new lately?) thinking about Sarah and sent her some messages to kick start the day.  I’ve found receiving just a simple “good morning morning babes” sets me off on the perfect start each morning.  Just knowing that Sarah is thinking of me as I am of her fills me with immense pride.  I should warn you, we’ve become “that” couple!  You know the ones you see who are just so into each other that you feel like throwing up?  Well, that’s us and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We are still in our little bubble of bliss where very few people have any idea of what is going on between us and part of me really enjoys this old fashioned romance where we get to know each other before other people get to know us.  It’s like we are marooned on an island with just the basics and a lighthouse to guide our way.  I think it’s the best way to allow our already beautiful relationship blossom.  I just can’t get enough of Sarah right now.  I’ve been desiring her and craving her more and more every day.  In just over 48 hours, i’ll be able to see her beautiful smile and watch all her cheeky mannerisms unfold once more.  It’s like going to see a film at the cinema where it blows your mind so much that you know you have to go back for second and sometimes, third helpings.  Speaking of, last night, I saw a film just like that.

With a leading role taken to extreme heights by French singer, Soko, The Dancer is a semi biopic that pushes the limits and intentions of all involved.  It traces the rise and fall and rise of Loie Fuller and her visionary dance routines that left audiences in Europe gasping for more during the 1890’s.  During her peak, Fuller introduced experimental lighting and dance movements which came about by pure accident whilst performing as an actress in New York.  It’s subversive, confrontational and incredibly provocative.  During the picture, there were moments where I was reminded of Sarah and her kisses and touch.  My darling had fallen asleep so I was left craving her throughout the evening.  Eventually, around 11:20 pm, my phone began to chime and my face commenced with plentiful amounts of smiles.  She just does that to me.

We began a phone call around 11:35 pm and it carried through for almost an hour and a half.  I should add, it was only earlier in the evening that we spent some 45 minutes enthralled in each other over the phone as well.  The first call, like every call we have, was delicious.  The second call however, descended into a beautiful session of turning each other on and myself left, completely aroused on the floor of my hostel hallway (like a teenage student), gently stroking my aching cock as Sarah’s voice filled my senses.  Her voice takes on a husky tinge when speaking in a low tone.  It drives me wild.  I want so desperately to slip my hand inside my pants and rub myself to an intense ejaculation but I’m holding myself out to Sunday.  My cock is going to be loaded with swaths of cum, just begging to explode all over her and inside her.  We have so many things that we are yet to do to one another (we’ve explored a lot already) and will look to return to some dirty spanking and fucking that involves Sarah being tied up, blindfolded, spanked and eventually, if she deserves it, pounded quite hard from behind.  I love it how she looks back at me when I pulse inside her from behind with those “please fuck me harder?” eyes.  She’s can be such a dirty girl at times.  I love it!

After our call, we carried on with some naughty sexting for another hour or so.  Sarah mentioned that she wants to set up a sexting only account on POF with some risque photos and explicit dirty chat with other men.  I get the feeling she really enjoys this new dirty side to her mind that we have opened up together.  I’ve noticed when I talk filth to her, she gets incredibly wet between her legs (not that she wasn’t already moist enough) and her faces screams a myriad of excited excited expressions.  I’m going to enjoy seeing more of her dirty side shine through.  It’s like watching a million emotions flood out all at once.  Incredibly sexy!

At the other end of the table and positioned appropriately, is Sarah’s romantic side.  We can make love for hours and still crave more.  This is where I crave my love the most.  Her kisses are like nothing I have experienced before.  Her body calls for mine to cling, tightly to hers.  Her eyes permit a certain glint that reeks of pleasure, excitement, lust and love all at once.  This coming weekend, I want to explore more of her voluptuous figure.  We’ve already spoken of some new things to try.  I can’t wait to melt into her again.  She completes me like nobody else ever has or will.

For now, I am left to carry on through my working day and edge closer to Sunday afternoon when I can be with my lover once more.

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