Its being a pretty good week.

It’s been a couple of days since my last post, but It’s been great, I mean not a perfect week, with it’s up’s and down’s but still pretty good. so First of all, I had my 3rd interview for the job in the dermatology clinic that I’m really hoping to get, I did some psychology tests and now I have to wait to hear from them, I hate those tests cause like in life I over think every question, so I’m a little afraid that they won’t call me cause I’m kinda fucked up, let’s hope not. on my last interview they said that I shouldn’t worry about cause it was just a formality to see my personality, so I’m hoping they won’t find me too unstable. that’s like one of the best things that has happened to me this week, second a little drama, this weekend was my ex’s birthday, so I texted him to wish him a happy birthday early in the morning, and that was it, I had a party, that afternoon a babyshower, from a friend a of mine, which btw also invited him, cause she didn’t know that we’re not together anymore, but I didn’t say anything to him, cuz I assumed that for the fact it was his birthday he was gonna go out, and celebrate or something, and also cause we’re not together, if I asked him to go with me, that would just complicate things even more, so I asked a friend to go with me, it was cool, the babyshower was pretty nice, she knows how to throw a party to be honest, I even participated on a game , and I won, hahaha and I hate doing that, but I’ll admit it was fun, so after that I went home, I took some pics and a video but I didn’t wanted to post them that day cause well it was his birthday and I didn’t wanted to seem like I was doing something else, or having fun without him, although now that I think about it, I need to stop thinking about how he would react to the things I do, cause we’re not together anymore, anyway, later that night I so on instagram a picture of his cousin on a night club, so I assumed they went there to celebrate his birthday, and I was kinda happy for him, cause it’s ok, he should go out and try to have fun, anyway, we didn’t talk much that day, so on sunday morning I posted the pictures and the video of the party, and then it happened hahaha he exploded, and texted me a lot of BS about how he was grateful that now he’s not blinded thinking that I’m a good person, that spend all day dressed up waiting for me to show up to go out and celebrate his birthday but instead of that, it was obvious that I was on my way out with a guy, and  I was like WTF? with what guy exactly? I haven’t dated anyone since the guy (the one I’ve kept talking about), so he made a big deal out of nothing, and I just told him that I didn’t own him any explanation, but I was gonna say that the video was from yesterday when I was on my way to the babyshower and that I wasn’t with any guy, I went with a girlfriend, and that I didn’t undertand him with all his drama, and I know how he gets when he’s upset and warmed up, so I wasn’t going to continue with that conversation, and when I get his shit together we could talk but for now I was going to ignore him, so I did.  it’s incredible all the things he thinks I’m doing, when I’m doing NOTHING, I’m getting a little worried cause it’s been like 3 months I think since we broke up and he hasn’t gotten any better, sometimes he seems ok, and sometimes he just lashes out for no reason, and lately he’s being acting kinda crazy, so later that day he texted me talking about a tv show, and I was like dude r on drugs? a few hours ago you were calling me a slut, and now you r talking to me like so chill and cool, WTF? I don’t know what I’m going to do about him, I keep waiting for him to get better, and I continue to keep up with his BS, but i’m getting tired of it. He needs to get his shit together ASAP. So that was the down part of my week… and the best part… 

The same day that I had the tests, later that day the guy that I have been talking on every single post, he finally texted me!!! HE TEXTED ME! I was so freaking happy, that he still remembers me a little, I posted a video of me walking my dog (I have a french bulldog) he loves that breed of dog. hahaha I couldn’t help to smile like a huge smile on my face, and he was like “awww Bianca, I love her, when she had puppies will u give me one?” and I was like laughing histerically but of course I tried to keep it cool, so I said: “Oh, Hey stranger! how r u?” and he was like: HAHAHAH what? you tell me, and u were saying that I was gonna be ghosting you! I could have died and u didn’t care! hahaha it felt so good to know about him, so I wanted for him to laught to remember that I’m funny, and I said, you know that’s not true, I already marking my calendar like on mean girls, “October 3rd, HE SPOKE TO ME AGAIN” hahaha and he laughed and call me a drama queen hahaha which I am but on a funny way, so we talked a little, he told me he was ok, just a little scared, and that he just got back to work, cause he had volunteered to help with all the chaos from the earthquakes (i was like, I know, I’ve been stalking you on twitter HAHAH) so now he has a lot to do, and little time cause he lost and entire week cause of the earthquake, he send me some voice notes, which I completely appreciated cause I missed hearing his voice, and that was it, to be honest he seemed incredibly polite as usual, he asked about the job that I wanted, I told him a little about the interviews and all, that I was really excited but had to wait to hear from them, I have to admit that he wasn’t as effusive as before,  it was kind like casual and light conversation, but still it was a pretty good chat, and I’m really grateful that he texted me first hahah cause I was literaly counting days, and wasn’t sure that I was gonna be able to wait until October (which was my goal) to talk to him, So that happened yesterday, and I didn’t text him today, cause I don’t to seem too desperate, but I think I will text him tomorrow, I have a storie of something funny that happened to me today, and I can’t wait to tell him about it. I missed talking to him, I know I shouldn’t get my hopes on that fast, and I’m trying not to, but still, I’m really happy he talked to me. and also I want to add him to instagram and to facebook, just so he can check some of my pictures hahaha and remember that he used to find me attractive, but I must wait I can’t do all that this week. 

anyway that’s all for now, I’M REALLY HAPPY, cause all and all its being a pretty good week. And now that he’s talking to me again, I feel free to texted him again c:, so can’t wait to talk to him tomorrow.

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