Monday September 18 2017

I was going to be strong and not look back but I couldn’t help myself.  In fact, I found it impossible not to.  So I did.  I hoped that Sarah would have seen my from her rear vision mirror (which I found out later was the case) looking back towards her.  I wasn’t in the mood for leaving but we both had to work and I knew this was the start of the long journey together for both of us.  This has never happened to me before.  If I am being honest, it normally takes weeks or months for me to warm to people.  With Sarah, it felt perfect from the moment I laid eyes on her the day before.  She was a few minutes late and I found that cute.  Why you ask?  Because I am often like that too!  

We stayed up for as long as our weary eyes would permit and by now, I was running on adrenaline but so very happy.  I knew a week early when we started conversing on POF that I was going to fall for her but didn’t realize love at first sight actually existed.  In the past, I had known couples who professed to this delectable desire but part of me was always skeptical (of which I am normally not so) yet now, I finally felt it myself and “just knew” as they say.  It’s true.  You kind of just know when your soul mate arrives.  It’s eerily spooky talking to Sarah because quite often, she will say something that I was about to say myself. Snap!  Other times, she tells me things that I feel not many people know.  It’s beautiful to know that there is already a deep trust between us.  The beauty of all this is, that, in the coming months as our bonds grow tighter, we will be like two rocks glued together at the hips like Siamese twins.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The night before, we talked a lot and made love.  Our bodies were the perfect fit together.  I adored being able to kiss Sarah on the shoulders, down her back, her hips, her arms, her soft lips that tasted like nothing I had experienced before.  Perhaps I could have just kissed her all night but I found an incredibly deep attraction to her mind, soul and body. We made love like teenage lovers for the first time yet it felt like we had been lovers for decades.  Everything, and I mean everything felt perfect.  

The day at work buzzed through in a most hurried fashion.  Before too long, I was on the train back to Nerang and we were holding hands once more on the beach before snuggling.  Sarah makes me cups of tea and feeds me and does all the little things that make me feel loved and wanted.  It’s a lovely feeling being with a “giver” as I am one too and in the past, have found myself often giving with little back in return.  I like sneaking cheeky glances in her direction as she smokes a cigarette or puts something together in the kitchen.  Her body is like a svelte string of pearls.  So attractive to look at yet you want to protect her like you would an expensive pearl necklace.  Thankfully, i’m not that much into jewels but I sure as hell am into Sarah.  

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