Looking out the window with a view to the back side of the city. Looking at what kind of society this is, the society I parttake in almost everysingle day. People crossing the streets whenever the man goes green, cars stopping as soon as the red light is on, and if they don’t they will be punished by having to pay for their mistakes. Why? Because they have just broken the rule that keeps everyone safe, keeps everything in order. Though, what if we didn’t have all these rules? What If all the rules were suddenly deleted and all our politics vanished? Everyone would just be put out on their own. Would people stick to their old normal mannered habits? Or would everyone just break free and everything became all caotic? 

I believe that the ones who are happy with their lives, happy with all the rules around: will keep going on in their lives like nothing has changed, or they will fight their way back to how things used to be, they dont want the change in society. But then the people who aren’t happy with their lives will take advantage of this big chance in their lives and live to their fullest, maybe they will change for the sake of good, or the most realistic is that they will change for the bad. 

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