Wedding anniversary

i am currently at work, but I am on my coffee break ☕️ 

the next few weeks are a whirlwind of engagement parties, weddings (one a week for 3 weeks) and birthdays. It is also my 4th wedding anniversary next week. As we don’t have much money just now, I read about a nice idea which I think I will do, it is to write all the reasons you love someone on bits of paper, then put them in a jar and they can look at them any time they need to. I thought I would do little origami paper hearts and write on them, then fold them up, so when he opens the folds he sees the message. What do you all think? 

Here are all my reasons so far : 

You make the best cups of tea
You are the best daddy to Mya and she thinks you are great
You make me laugh
You always support me in everything I do
You tidy up after me!
You knew we were meant to be together from the moment we met
You listen when I read my story to u!
You stroke my hair when I have a headache
You give the best cosies in the world
You are the kindest person I know
You are always thoughtful and romantic to me
You are beautiful both inside and out
You make the best macaroni in the world
You give me lots of lie ins
You make pancakes with mya every Sunday morning
You are the voice of reason when I go mental 😂and you keep me sane
You go to work and work hard every single day for us


Im sure I can think of more, but I will have to run home tonight and get this done before he comes home, wonder if I can make all those hearts in an hour? 😂🙏

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