77. Puppy E.R Visit

Sleep has apparently decided to avoid me like the plague these past two weeks. Tonight I thought for sure that I was going to get to bed a tad early, oh how I was ever so wrong. I got my shot done early today. Usually I don’t meet up with James until after her gets out of class, and I out of work. Today I only worked the lunch shift, so once I was off I met him before he left for class. After I had a date, just dinner, and nice conversations. It was very short lived, I was uncomfortable before it even started, how ever I told my self I had to try. I’m really just not ready. I still am inlove with Ann, and I feel guilty.  Anyways..

After the date, I came home to feed and water the pups, Dakota drank a whole bowl of water and became really, really bloated. I thought she had flipped her stomach, because even after letting out a few burps she was still very bloated, and even had this lump on her side. Needless to say we just spent the last 4 hours in the doggy emergency room. She did fantastic, I was a tad worried because shes known to be hyper, how ever she did great, listened wonderfully. Gave me no troubles. She didn’t flip her stomach says the doctor, she how ever has the doggy flu. She had a fever of 104, has a skin condition, but is healing well so far since the dog fight, even the lump on her lip. The dog agreed with me she doesn’t think Dakota is a year old yet, that the guy we got her from must have lied. She says shes to small to be a year old yet, and from the looks of her teeth she just isn’t that old. I felt like a wreck since her stomach swelled up. Heart attack status, I know shes not a human kid, but I was scared like she was. Very relieved to know she’ll recover in no time. Now that it’s creeping into 5 am, it’s time to creep into dream land.



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