10/10/2017: Tattoo’s and Columbus Day


Okay back to work it is. It kind of sucks because I was enjoying myself with just sleeping in and not doing anything… But I am glad that I can be back to work and making money. This last weekend I had a three day weekend and it was SO nice tbh. I loved having the extra day to do nothing and get used to these tattoos that I have gotten.

Yes, that’s right I said Tattoos. I love them too! 🙂 Anyway, I just got a bobby pin for my cosmetology school and then I got a throat cancer ribbon for my dad. I wanted to get something for my mom, but honestly I couldn’t figure anything out… And I want to, but there’s nothing I can think of that would be a good tattoo. 

Anyway, yesterday I did a shitton of laundry and also cleaned my room and cleaned everything up in the house. It was a nice relaxing day at home and I slept really well the night before. 🙂 That was a plus. Now it’s back on that grind and back onto that everyday school/work grind as well. AND hopefully I can get back to the gym today too. Crossing my fingers… 


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