I’m going to get a B for this six-week’s gov/econ grade, and it’s really sad.

If I want to make a 90 for the semester, I’ll have to make at least a 95 on both of the next two six weeks. Which isn’t impossible, but is rather daunting to think about. I BELIEVE IN MYSELF though. At least, I really want to, and I probably should.

It’s raining.

The inside of my lip is cut and bleeding a little–because of my own teeth!!! I have teeth that jut out and they dig into my lip, and it really hurts. I really need to straighten my teeth, not just because they LOOK crooked, but because they actually hurt me. Sometimes I wake up with my mouth or jaw sore because I was biting down so hard in my sleep. It’s really weird and sad.

I was going to buy makeup this past weekend, but it didn’t happen because it was too hot to go outside or even try to apply anything that would melt to my face. I’m going to do it this weekend, if the weather allows me to. I just really want to buy eye primer, since eye makeup is the only kind of makeup I care about. I can’t even really think about doing my eyebrows, because they’re so naturally light that I look bizarre with even slightly darker ones.

I don’t think I have anything to do for school.

As a senior, I find I’m more capable of letting low-ish grades go. I’m just really done^TM. And tired–I’m so glad tomorrow is FINALLY Friday. 


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