Friday September 29th

Holy shit. What a day. That goddam loon lost her shit during my first period class today. It was quite a scene. I managed – somehow- to keep it together and to get into 2nd period. While 2nd period kids took their quiz, I emailed the principal to tell him there was a situation. They called me in to the office to tell the story of what happened. I sobbed.  All the nervous energy and anxiety from the morning was built up. 

Later, that same day…

I started sending emails to principals after I got home this afternoon. I sent one to the winburn people and got a near immediate call. No one else responded. I think my best bet is Winburn. I just need to fucking go there and stay there and keep my head down and survive for 10 years. End of story. Right? That’s what I need to do. I have to not think about the past and just move on. 

I have found a place I want to live, and I found a car I want. 


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