EVP Schizophrenia Condition


October 3, 2017

8:41 pm

  Today so far has been just an average day as far as dealing with these negative attachments go. Things were most intense when I tried to rest for a bit after I got home from work. As usually happens, I was harassed with the physical disturbances. Mostly I was feeling pokes and jabs coming up through the mattress. I was also hearing a faint but high-pitch voice talking into my ear through my pillow.

 Well….it seems that writing this journal is pissing off these negative spirits tonight. Right now as I write this….just sitting here in my living room chair, I’m experiencing the physical sensations/disturbances at quite an intense level.  I always knew that they disliked me keeping a journal of my experiences but they seem quite ticked off about it tonight. So, I think I’ll stop writing for now. Maybe I’ll come back to this post later.


9:36 pm

  Things have calmed down a bit, but the voices are still quite active. I’m mainly hearing them in that rather high-pitched manner that I’ve noted previously. It’s also having the effect of causing me to experience some ringing in my ears on and off. I can only imagine that things would be more intense around here if I was running my air conditioner or filling the place with some other steady background noise. 

  I’m going to take some sleep-aid here in a bit and call it a day. Seeing how they messed with me earlier this evening when I tried to rest, I had better take a little extra. All in all though…I’d say it was just an average day……and average day in this strange situation.

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