EVP Schizophrenia Condition


October 4, 2017

6:44 pm

  Today was actually going pretty good…or at least it was quite mild I should say as far as dealing with these intrusive negative spirit attachments go. For most of the day while I was at work, I barely noticed their presence at all. I didn’t have any trouble from them really until I got home from work and decided to try and rest for a bit.

  Now nine times out of ten this always goes bad for me, but today they were being even more extremely annoying with the damn physical sensations / disturbances. Today, I was mostly experiencing the strange vibration sensation, but it was quite intense….non-stop…..and it kept moving around around.  I admit I was getting quite pissed off. I’m trying to chill out now. 

  I can hear the voices at the moment, they are faint, but I can hear them. Mostly they are whispery, but also in that high-pitch manner in which I so often hear them. But aside from that, things have calmed down some for the moment. I was feeling a faint breath hitting my left ear for a little bit (coinciding with one of the voices), but that has stopped for the moment.


7:43 pm

  The voices are starting to become more active now. Mostly, I’m hearing them in that fainter but high-pitch manner, but they are constant….in fact I would say that they are trying to bombard me with voices….it’s just not nearly as intense as when there’s a steady background noise for them to use to project the voices with greater volume. I’ve heard the voices call out my name a few times this evening, but for the most part I’ve been able to block out at least the content of what these voices are saying.


8:41 pm

  The voices have been active, fainter…but active. They’ve been getting in close and talking directly into my ears. Though I wouldn’t say things are all that intense so far this evening….I’ve been doing a pretty good job at keeping my focus on a book that I’m reading. I’ve been pretty successful at blocking out the content of the voices….I’m mainly just hearing a few words here and there, but mostly it’s just fragmented chatter….at times accompanied by the high-pitch ringing in my ears.    


9:45 pm

  The voices have become a bit more active this past hour, but that’s not unusual. For quite sometime now, they have been becoming the most active about an hour or two before I go to bed…at least on most nights it seems. I’m starting to feel tired so I’m probably going to turn in within the next thirty minutes or so. All in all, today was mild for the most part, but yeah….these attachments were damn annoying tonight….as usual.


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