EVP Schizophrenia Condition

October 2, 2017

10:29 pm

  I’ve been hearing these intrusive voices quite a bit this evening. Mainly, I’ve been hearing them talking over the noise of my running refrigerator. Since it’s been cooler these past few days, I haven’t been running my air conditioner that much at all….which was when I would usually hear them quite loudly. Now, I’m hearing these voices coming in more and more over the refrigerator noise…..and if that’s not running, then mostly I’ll hear them in a more whispery manner….or I’ll hear them fainter, but with a distinct high-pitch quality to them.

  I tried to rest for a bit when I got home from work this afternoon, but that didn’t go well at all. I was getting hit with the physical disturbances pretty bad….mainly the strange vibration sensation, but today it was a bit stronger than usual. 

  The voices are active right now….trying to distract and disrupt me as usual. I can’t make out too much of what they are saying, but here and there something clear jumps out. I’m not really trying to listen though….it’s just the same old kind of cryptic shit talk from them as always. I just took a dose of sleep-aid and will be calling it a  day here momentarily.

 The voices are starting to get more whispery now….this is often how I’ll hear them at night if there’s no background noise around to increase their volume. They are still using that tactic where I’ll hear a whispery voice coming up through my pillow at night. They started doing this many months ago and they’ve been sticking with it. It’s annoying, but just like with so much as far as this situation is concerned, I’m pretty much desensitized to it by this point.


October 3, 2017

7:08 am

 I got to sleep fairly quickly last night. I wouldn’t quite say it was trouble free however. I was hearing some whispery voices…also I was experiencing the strange vibration sensation again, but once more…the vibration sensation was quite intense, more intense than usual. This is something that I’ve been experiencing over the course of the past few days now. Is it a new tactic of theirs? Are they trying to counter-act the sleep-aid that I’m taking? I’m not sure yet, I’ll have to wait and see.

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