EVP Schizophrenia Condition


October 5, 2017

7:47 am

   I made it off to sleep quickly enough last night. I was experiencing some harassment initially, but the sleep-aid worked fast and before long I was out like a light. I was experiencing the physical disturbances….mostly that feeling of something latched on to me. Once more, I was experiencing hearing the voices coming up through my pillow and speaking directly into my ear. The voices seemed to do this with greater volume last night. This is a tactic that they’ve been using for quite a few months now, but it seems like they have been using it quite a lot this past week.


7:13 pm

  So far, today has pretty much been a repeat of yesterday. Throughout the day while I was working…the voices were rather weak…barely noticeable for the most part. But, when I came home and tried to rest, that’s when they hit with the voices and the physical disturbances. I wasn’t able to get much rest at all….just like yesterday.


October 6, 2017

 I am awake late tonight….as I often say, I’ll pay for it tomorrow. When I’m in a state where I’m feeling worn down or tired, these negative spirit attachments always take advantage and harass me quite a bit and since I’m exhausted both mentally and physically, it often does tend to have more of an effect on me compared to a day when I’m feeling well rested.

 I’m turning in here in a few moments. Right now I can hear the voices heckling me over the noise of my refrigerator….strange yes, but nothing new for me.

(some previous journal entries) 

October 3, 2017

5:56 pm

  It was a typical day so far. The voices were there pretty much as soon as I awoke this morning. Throughout the day, while I was at work….their presence was noticeable at times, but all in all it was a rather mild day. I just got home and turned on my air conditioner….it’s a little warmer out today than it has been for the past few days. This has increased the strength of the voices. I’m going to try and rest for a bit, but I’m not even getting my hopes up that I’ll succeed with this, but I’ll try anyway. I think I’ll shut off my air conditioner before I do….that should weaken the voices considerably.


7:21 pm

  Just as I suspected, my attempt at a short rest was not successful. I was harassed pretty bad with the physical disturbances as well as “Pippy’s” voice that kept speaking into my ear through my pillow….only this time, her voice had that more high-pitch quality to it as opposed to being more whispery. I was also feeling constant pokes and jabs coming up through my mattress as well. After a while, I simply gave up.

  Right now, the voices are active but not really that strong. It’s cooled off some already, so I won’t be running my air conditioner anymore this evening. I’m hearing them talking over the noise of my refrigerator at the moment, but I’m doing a pretty good job of blocking them out….at least as far as hearing what exactly they are saying goes. Really, so far it’s just been an average day….actually rather mild comparatively. As we get into Autumn, my work should start quieting down some, so hopefully things mellow out a considerable degree.

 These past two years, the summer time has been the worst, because that’s when I’m going through a lot of work related stress and these negative attachments just jump right in on that and kick me when I’m down. When things are less stressful at work, that’s when things seem to mellow out all around. So, even though I’m not looking forward to the colder weather….I am looking forward to winter for just this reason.


October 1, 2017

7:30 pm

   Today so far has been a rather ordinary day as far as dealing with these voices go (all things considered). I went out and did some side work for a while today. I came back about mid-afternoon, feeling quite tired. I attempted to rest for a bit and I did manage to get about an hour of sleep despite the presence of the voices and the regular physical disturbances.

  Right now, the voices are there, but they are not that strong. I was hearing the all too familiar younger female sounding voice getting “in-close” and speaking into my left ear a little bit ago. I was also hearing her speak in a more whispery manner a little bit ago as well. I’m hearing a few voices right now coming in over the steady noise of my refrigerator, but compared to when I have my air conditioner going, I consider this mild.

  It’s cooler out again tonight, (just like it was last night), so I don’t expect that I’ll be running my air conditioner at all, which should subdue the voices some. It is still very much the case for me that I hear these voices the loudest / with the most volume, when they are coming in over a source of steady background noise. In my own situation, things like air conditioners or heaters, fans, bathroom fans, running water, the noise of my computer tower at work, all of these sources of steady background are still where I primarily hear these intrusive voices coming through the loudest.

  I will say though, that for the most part, even when I do hear these voices stronger, coming in over a source of steady background noise….these days it is not as intense as it was for me back in the Spring and Summer of 2015….during the first few months of my oppression. Back then, the situation was terrifying to say the least and very unreal. It seemed like voices were emerging from anything that made a noise….it was like I was surrounded by voices at all times.


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