Odds are

I’m outnumbered.


Out resourced.


Out informationed.


I don’t have resources.  I don’t have websites, mass emails or any rewards or anything to convince anyone to do anything or spread information.


Others do.  

That’s fine.  I’m not the only one and this affects us all.


They can belittle.  They can lie.  They can reward and convince people to do whatever crimes they want.  

I still believe there are more of us who do not do any such thing nor would be tempted.  I’m one so I know there are more.


Of course, they’re still trying to conquer and divide.  Using sonic wave and microwave weapons on us but call it “remote controlling victims” and making us “comfortable” or 
“susceptible” or “successful”. 


We are not victories.  We are their victims.  We have to outnumber them and fight the lies with the truth.  The truth shall set us free.


Even if it doesn’t, and it has to, at least we’re fighting the good fight.


Not based on power, greed, lust or anything tangible but what’s right and true.  Not for some immediate gratification, but for our lives and to be free for real, not some cover up of power and crime meant to keep us all down.

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