Well Here I am

Seeing as this is a new journal I’m going to start from the begining. My name is Nicole, I am a 13 year old, non-binary teanager. I have depression and anxiety so im just going to call them Danny – depression and Armin – anxiety

Today I was extreamly bored so I decided to start a journal. Danny got the better of me today and I cut. They where only a few small cuts but they were still cuts. I feel so bad after I do it, but at the time its like a trance, I just can’t stop until I’m snapped out of it. 

So I’m sitting on my bed bleeding and I start to hyperventelate, great Danny and Armin have teamed up on this one. This never happens to me, but today of all days it did. Eventualy I managed to calm down and get rid of Armin so I could bandage my cuts and deal with packing my bag. I’m going to my grandparents house for the weekend as usual.

Shit I just relised i left my blade in my room and I didn’t bring it with me. If my mum sees it she is going to freak out and I can bearly deal with Danny and Armin let alone the fact that my mum found my razor blade.

Oh well I can deal with all of this later. Bye

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