[78] ~*Sat – 09/30/17*~

[7:08 pm]

Dang! I didn’t have time to write last night as I stayed at my friend’s place until past midnight. I’m still trying to help her out with her broken PC but gosh, it’s just unbelievable. I always thought I was unlucky but I think she beats me. As I said previously, we tried our old old PC and that didn’t work so we tried our old PC, still didn’t work so I went out and got her a tablet from Kijiji. The guy was selling it for $35 so I thought what the heck, but I should of known better. I went to the dude’s place, he took for ever to come open the door. It was in a building apartment and his buzzer wasn’t working so I had to email him to tell him I was at the door which he made me wait like half an hour before he finally came to open the darn door. I was about to leave when he came downstairs. I looked at the tablet and asked if he had a charger with it, he said no. He was a bit weird but anyways. He told me I could have it for $20 if I wanted too that he didn’t care at this point cause his dog was sick and he had to take him to the vet, he was waiting for a taxi and I don’t know what else. He finally made me go upstairs to his apartment to show me I could plug the tablet on a phone’s charger and it was indeed charging. I was just like, what ever I’ll take it. He kept apologizing for everything. I gave him $35, I felt super bad for the poor guy. He then gave me $5 back so I could go buy a plug which I did. I was all excited for my friend. I went to her place and when I showed it to her she gave it back, said she couldn’t take it. I was like “You’re gonna take it!”. I WANTED TO CRASH THE DAMN THING! It was slow and giving me a hard time with installing stuff, the battery was going to die so we plugged it which made it act up. I couldn’t even type anymore, it seems like when you plug it, the screen isn’t calibrated anymore. I didn’t figure that out first so I did a factory reset like 2-3 times on it. Then I was like “Can’t possibly be cause I plugged it” and surely it was. I unplugged it and I could do stuff on it again. Blah! So I told my friend, well, you can play on it as long it’s charged and when you charge it just don’t touch it. Still better than nothing! One of her game didn’t want to work and it was slow so I ended up putting three games and leaving cause it was super late. The battery was at like 2% so she couldn’t try it last night. Now I’m curious to see if she did try it and if she was at least able to play some games. I was so pissed off, I wanted to bring it back to the guy. The joy of buying stuff from people you don’t know. Probably why he was selling it and cheap on top of that. I told my friend “Well a movie is about $10 and it last about two hours so $30 is three movies so you need to play at least six hours on this damn tablet to make it worth my money”. Lol! The plug I can take it and use it with my phone so I won’t count the $10 I paid for that. I just really hope that it works cause I’ve tried so many things so she can have some games to play while she’s waiting to buy a new PC as who knows when that will be as she doesn’t have money. I was gonna order a tablet online but I didn’t wanted to wait but maybe I should of. Anyways.. like I said, it was just $30 so I guess it’s not that bad if we end up smashing it. Haha!
So yea, that said, it is why I didn’t write last night cause I was too tired when I got home as it was late. I played a bit on my game and went to sleep. I didn’t even read, once again. Seem like I’m doing that a lot lately, not reading before bed. I really really need to work on going to bed earlier as I’m still sleeping without my pill and am a bit tired in the morning. I didn’t do good on Thu night either. I went to bed it was almost 1 am and then I read for like an hour. I put my book away but then I started reading stuff on my phone for like another 20 mins. By the time I tried to sleep, I had less than 6 hours. Arg! I was watching all these shows that just started. I don’t like fall, too many shows that plays at once. I used to wait for the seasons to be done and watch all at once but last year I started watching as they came on and seems like I’m doing it this year as well. 
Anyways, yesterday I went for my first client which only took like half an hour so I had a bit more than two hours to sleep but again, started reading stuff on my phone so by the end I had like an hour and 45 mins to sleep. My client had mentioned that since she never takes long that I could pick her up later if I wanted too so then we could sleep in. Temptations! Lol! But I think I rather still go at 9 and come back home when she’s done.
The rest of the day wasn’t too bad. It was actually chill. Would of been a good time to mow the lawn but I have no idea when I’ll be able to get to that. I was all excited all day as I was waiting to get that tablet and give it to my friend. Blah! Beside that, she had called me while I was working to see if I had gotten a thing for the Casino to get a free turkey which I didn’t. She also didn’t get one but her sister in law did which is kinda weird cause her sister in law never goes to the Casino and we go like once a week and didn’t get it. I don’t understand how they pick who gets one and who doesn’t but it just doesn’t seem fair.
So that was pretty much it for yesterday. Thu night hub was also working later as he had to do some paperwork so he worked until almost 4 am which gave him a shift of 12 hours. That’s good, he did extra hours. It’s the end of the month and we made like $100 of savings and we each had three pays this month so this is really not good. I was expecting to make more savings than this. Oh well..
Today I was a bit tired this morning so I kept hoping that my client would cancel but of course she didn’t. I was still hopeful when I got to her place, hoping she wasn’t there or something but that didn’t happen. When I was done with her I came back home to nap for like an hour. Omg, it was just so darn cute. I was in bed, trying to sleep but could hear something in the window (which is on the second level) so I looked at the window and could see something. I was like, the hell. I got up and got to the window and a darn squirrel pop up. How the hell did he get there, I don’t know but it was so cute. I wanted to take a picture but he left before I could. We also have the a/c in the window, so he was almost trying to get into the a/c pipe. I was just so shocked as I really didn’t expect to see a squirrel in my window.
After my nap I went to get my second client which wasn’t outside and I couldn’t remember the number of his apartment as he’s always outside when I get there so I couldn’t buzz him. I had to call the office to tell them to call him. Once again, I was almost hoping he wouldn’t answer and that I could go back home but no such luck. We saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle which wasn’t bad. I actually didn’t fall asleep. I tried to go to my friend’s place after I was done to see if she was able to play on the tablet but I had forgotten that she was spending the day with her daughter. I left her a voicemail for her to call me when she’d get home as I’m curious.
When I got home I put away the dishes that were left in the dishwasher as I didn’t have the time to do it yesterday. I loaded it back up and I’m now doing some laundry. I’m hungry but I will wait for hub as he will be home in about an hour. I don’t know what he could make us. I will make him make food cause he’s been super lazy with cleaning the suggies kitchen. I honestly don’t remember the last time he cleaned it. So yea, I guess I will go do some more catching up on shows and play on my farming game a bit. I also need to do some paperwork and want to take a nice relaxing bath at some point as my feet are killing me. I really need to stop wearing those awful sandals and wear my sneakers but I just don’t like wearing socks so I always end up just putting the sandals.

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