[78.1] ~*Sat – 09/30/17*~

[11:48 pm]

I think I’m being good. I’m in bed and it’s not quite midnight yet but I still want to read a bit and do daily quests on my game before sleeping which explains why I’m not sure if I’m being good yet as I don’t know at what time I’ll sleep. 

Anyways, the only reason I’m already in bed is because I didn’t do the dishes or put the laundry away. I caught up on all my shows and here I am. I feel bad for not finishing what I had planned to do but there’s always tomorrow. I didn’t even feed the suggies. Hub actually washed the suggies kitchen while he was cooking so that is why I didn’t bother with doing the dishes more than that. While he was making us supper I went and took a nice relaxing bath. He said he would also feed the suggies so that’s super nice of him for doing all of that tonight.

I talked to my friend and she hasn’t tried the tablet yet cause she’s dumb dumb. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. She had plugged the tablet in the switch that was connected to her light so of course when she turned off the light when she went to bed, it turned off the switch so the tablet didn’t charge. She was gone all day with her daughter and left in a hurry so didn’t plug it. That said, I need to wait till tomorrow to know if she can play or not. Her son in law is also bringing her an old PC tomorrow. We don’t know if it works or not. Probably not with the luck we’re having but we’ll try it. Hub also tried our old PC on the TV and it didn’t work cause the HDMI on the tower doesn’t work. He tried to fix it but couldn’t. He tried it back on our screen and it worked so it wasn’t the PC itself the prob although sorta as it doesn’t take HDMI and that’s how hub was trying to plug the TV. He tried my friend’s screen on another plugin but that wouldn’t work either for some reason. Maybe the screen is too old to be compatible. 

Anyways, I should get to my reading if I still want to be good and sleep at a decent-ish time. 

I’m also being nice tonight. I’m letting my babies sleep with me. Just felt like it. I came to bed and yelled at them to come and they both came and are laying in bed with me. I don’t do it too often cause sometime they decide to be wild in the mid of the night and I hate it so it’s a treat for them to be able to sleep in our bed. 




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