Friday September 29 2017

Well, I’ve spent the entire day at thinking nothing but naughty thoughts.  On Sunday, I am spending more time with my lover and we are going to fuck like horny rabbits totally out of control.  I’ve been a disciplined boy since Monday night and refrained from completing an orgasm despite to multiple opportunities to do so.  As I sit at my desk, all my thought process is devoted to getting my hungry hands and mind on Sarah.  The night before, Sarah told me about a fellow Brit on POF who wanted to meet her and possibly do naughty things to her body.  I encourage her to exchange some dirty sexting with him which Sarah agrees to do.  Now, I am really horny! 

As Friday evening rolls on, Sarah engages in some lewd conversation with her play mate.  I see a screen shot of what he wants to do to her and learn that he is perhaps a very bad boy.  I like it! A lot! On Sunday, Sarah is going to let me read her conversation with him which appears to be quite dirty whilst she sucks my cock.  I can’t wait!  Just the thought of it gives me tingles. I love that Sarah and I can be so open with each other.  Our sexual development covers so many variations.  

Once more, we enjoy a quick call before bed.  I am feeling so complete and happy.  I’m looking forward to enjoying the simple things in life like days on the beach, picnics, movie dates as well as simple moments together.  I’m very much excited to learn more about her, meet her kids who seem pretty cool and get to know some of her amazing friends who also see all the fabulous qualities that my love possesses.  Deep down, I know I have struck gold.  I’ve fallen in love and could not be happier! 

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