I don’t want to be a bad person anymore.

So there’s this guy that everyone knows. You know, the addict, lost ambition, embraces procrastination, and utilizes the resources of others for his own needs. He gave up trying a long time ago.

I am that guy.

I’ve lost my way and I’ve become a bad person.

“You are the author of your own happiness.”

So you could say I asked for this just as much as I’m asking for it to change. But why is change so hard?

Change is hard because we truly don’t wanna change, especially where our current situation becomes a comfort zone, even if it’s technically a bad scenario, thus making it hard to accept the unknown.

No one knows what the future has in store for us, even if we are hopeful for a good one.

So what is one to do?

I need to realize the only thing setting me back from change is my mind. It’s like exercising to me. I don’t wanna do it, but I have to.

Not that I exercise mind you, but it’s a valid point.

We as people need to continuously evolve and without that forward progression, we get stuck in holes that we dig before we can even see them coming. At least until it’s too late. Maybe denial plays a big part in that.

I guess I just need to reevaluate who I am, who I want to be, and why. Then make it happen, regardless of the struggle.

Leaving a comfort zone is tough. But I’m ready to leave mine.

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