over the counter.

School has been great, as usual; it’s just college applications that are stressing me out.

I really can’t deal with how bad my “anxiety” has been getting lately. I don’t even know if I really even HAVE anxiety; it’s stupid. But whatever problem it is, it’s making my head hurt. I’m feeling nauseous, dizzy, and weak. I can’t focus on doing one thing at a time because it seems like too much to handle.

I’ve been thinking more and more about whether there are any non-prescription, over-the-counter anti-anxiety medications that I could take. It’s not that I really want to spend money on drugs; I just want to know if they would calm me down enough to think logically about things without panicking and procrastinating instead.

My head is spinning.

I would like to lie down somewhere dark and sleep. Or panic. Panicking sounds good.

We took a political ideology quiz for a piece of gov homework, and I got 82% democrat, and 81% Green. I wasn’t even surprised, but I got much more *extreme* scores than most of the people around me. I also got “Strong Liberal” for a different quiz, which I think was rather off, since I thought I would be more of a “Next Generation Leftist”. Oh well.

I like holographic/iridescent things. I tried on a shiny futuristic jacket at Ross the other day, and it fit really well, but it just looked strange on me. Maybe because I’ve never worn anything opalescent in my life.

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