Thursday September 14 2017

It’s late.  I’ve just been to the pictures when I realise I am unable to go to bed until I hear Sarah’s voice over the phone so we start a conversation with every intention of just having a quick call to say goodnight.   Some two hours later, we finally say goodnight.  

The call started innocently enough though after a few minutes, I start to feel aroused from listening to Sarah.  She’s flicking switches on with me that have never been turned on before.  With this in mind, I find my way to the disabled toilet at the cinema for privacy where we engage in some quite steamy conversation.  It’s here that I feel like I am acting out a complete fantasy but in fact, it’s 100% reality.  We’ve been learning that both of us have quite dirty minds as our conversations have taken on some taboo topics and been incredibly open and honest.  

The secret, I have found from years of experience is that relationships are built on a solid foundation of honesty, trust, compassion, empathy, openness and companionship.  Sarah and I share all these qualities which is why we have both been so good for each other.  It’s so very exciting to think of what lays ahead for us.

By 1 am and with a sordid and sexy phone call behind us, we both decide it is best we try and sleep. I’ve literally spent the whole conversation completely aroused and turned on like never before. Sarah’s voice is fucking sexy, even when we try to to maintain an above board chat, I can’t help but imagine Sarah in an uncompromising position.  Her intellectual side is even a turn on!  A smart, switched on, confident sexy young lady she is.  An innocent girl? Perhaps not but that’s why we are so good together. 

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