What do i do?

How is it a person can live in the same house with someone and still feel alone? I hate this feeling. I’m planning a wedding to a man that I’m not sure that I even love anymore. How could I after all the lies, cheating, and his immature behavior. So what he has a job now. What about the three years of me working myself to the bone to support him and my family? He thinks because he went to work for three days that he’s now “the man”. Hell no. That’s not how it works. Sometimes I think I actually hate him. I can feel myself wanting to disappear from my own life. I hate that he is even in my house. I think it’s time to call off the wedding and tell him to get the hell out but then my mental issues kick in and I think but if he leaves I will be all alone and I hate being alone. I have no clue what to do. I know I’m driving myself crazy because of this.

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