[79] ~*Sun – 10/01/17*~

[8:57 pm]

I am just fucking pissed today. What a freaking day of hell. It all started when I got to the store and the office was left in a huge ass mess. Paper everywhere and nothing done. The new supervisor had left a note saying something like “got rushed out, no time to do shit”. So basically he left without finishing his paperwork, once again. I had to redo all the paperwork of yesterday. This is getting really annoying. Sunday is a very busy day at the store, I don’t have time to redo someone else’s work all the freaking time. Plus he had money that we have no clue where it belongs. He dropped an envelop with the slip so I didn’t know what was going on and I had to try to fix his mess. He had written that I had to call him around noon so he could explain what happened. I called twice and left a voicemail. He finally called me back at freaking 4 o’clock. What a damn mess! I left a ton of notes for the manager explaining what I did and all. Blah!

So yea, the store was still a mess as it was busy and I coudln’t do anything. I still did my paperwork and all. Duh! Maybe I should of just left without finishing anything like he always seem to do. Arg! I’m still super mad. Anyways, I was trying to cash off someone but my thumb print wouldn’t work so I couldn’t log in the cash. After 15 mins I called the tech support so by that time I was 20 mins late in my stuff. Then I have this random guy that comes to me and ask me where is our mops so I tell him where to find it. He then comes back and says that he’s looking for an actual store mop as he’s here to clean the store. WHAT?! I don’t have any cleaners scheduled for tonight and since when does a cleaner ask US for OUR mop?! Normally they come with their machines and all that. Anyways, I tell him that he probably got the wrong store so he called someone and yep, he was at the wrong store. Bleh!

When we were leaving the store that guy that always take for granted that I will drive him home was coming my way. I told him I wasn’t going his way. Gosh! He doesn’t even ask for a drive, he just follows me. Annoying! So I went to get myself some pizza cause I surely ain’t making myself some food after this crappy ass day.

I was just doing our Sep budget as I had to pay the bills today and OMG, this shitty ass day keeps on going. I just realized that the bank charged me $1 when I took out some money the other day which I shouldn’t be charged for it. It’s an account that I never use but I move money once in a while to keep the account active so they don’t start charging me but they charged me for taking the money out. I took it out at their bank so I shouldn’t be charge so that is annoying the hell out of me. I just want to know WHY right now, this is how I am. Things need to be fix, RIGHT NOW. But I need to wait tomorrow to go see them so they can explain why the heck they took the dollar for the transaction. ARG! After that I was checking my budget making sure it all balanced and I was off 12 freaking cents. This is worse than trying to balance at the darn store. So I recalculated everything, checked every pay make sure I had them right. Bla bla bla.. Then to find out it was on another bank account, one place they had one number and another place, another number which was off by 12 cents. WHY?! I don’t understand why the two places aren’t showing the same number. The overview says I have 12 cents more than the transactions sheet. This is just not my day I tell ya.

I talked to my friend and I told her all about my awesome day at the store but she doesn’t know about my budget and charge for the bank account as it happened after I talked to her. I’m so tempted to call her back just because I need to get it out of my chest but I decided to come write about it but it doesn’t seem to work. I feel like I need to call her. I will try to keep myself from doing so and just talk to her about it tomorrow when I see her as we’re going to the Casino. My luck better damn be better than today cause gosh, I just want to go throw myself off a bridge. Really I just want to go sleep but it’s too early and I had told myself I would put the laundry away today and do the dishes I didn’t do last night but faw, after the day I had and keep having I just don’t want to do anything. I really should thought as I won’t have the time tomorrow. I’m working all day and if I have some free time between my first and second job I need to go to Costco as I need to get my mom some cheese so then I won’t have time to go to the Casino in between and will have to go once I’m done at the store around 10 pm. That said, I will just get home late and I need to wake up early Tue (my day off) cause we’re going to the dentist and to mom’s after. I just can’t have a second to myself these past few days. So darn busy all the time. 

So yea, I just needed to come rant about my day. It’s now a bit past 9 pm and I still don’t know if I’ll be doing what I should be doing. I also wanted to take a bath as I need to relax my body and brain. Let see, I can watch a show for an hour so that brings us to 10:15, then I can wash the dishes which would be 10:30, then a nice bath which takes me between 45 mins to an hour so I’m at 11:30. That doesn’t give me time to watch anything else. Sad! By then I’d have to bring the laundry, put it away and start reading and getting ready for bed as I really don’t want to sleep after 1 am tonight. I need some rest if I want to make it tomorrow.

Alright, I should get going with all that if I want to be asleep by 1 am. Before I go, I forgot to mention on top of all of that, my friend said she couldn’t play games on that darn tablet I bought her. She said a few games she just couldn’t play them, which I could open them when I was there. Some others she plays but then it just shuts off. I’m so very sad and pissed off about it. I mean, the guy must have known that the tablet was a shitty ass one. I want to email him saying that what he sold me was a piece of crap. I can’t believe I lost $30 on that. ARG! Just pissed off!




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