Something Like Asphalt


I don’t believe God exists. Most people believe me to be a do-good Christian girl. In all reality, I’m just a do-good atheist. I’ve been one since I was sixteen. So now I sit here, nineteen years of age in my parents home, who have absolutely no clue of my disbelief. Now I know what you’re thinking: If I don’t believe in God, what do I believe in? 

Not everyone needs an ideology to exist peacefully. Well, nobody does in my opinion. Do you ever think about that word? Ideology. I don’t care for that word. It’s not that I mind the word itself, but I mind what it represents. To me it represents something of a passive nature. It’ll fill in the gap, but it’s not satisfactory. It’s as if there is a gaping hole in the asphalt, and all anyone can suggest to fill it with is whip cream. We need to fill the gaping hole with something like asphalt. We need to only accept what is true. You ask me what I believe in, I believe in science. 

I’ve noticed there is an epidemic of arrogance within humans. We think that the earth is built just for us; it’s a ‘human’s planet.’ If only we knew how truly insignificant we are. Homo sapiens have only been roaming the earth a mere 200,000 years. That’s 0.004% of the time the earth has been in existence. We’re not even worth a full percent. There have been many species before us, and there will be many after us. I understand that the idea of being insignificant can be troubling. We are used to being made important, at least within ourselves. However, there is a greater privilege that comes with accepting how much bigger the universe is than us: having the opportunity to learn about it. Through the process of evolution by natural selection, we have obtained big brains. Brains capable of extraordinary things. We now have the capabilities to understand how nature works; to understand how the universe works. There is so much out there to discover, and we have the tools to discover those things. To me there no greater privilege than that.

Why would God call upon us small humans anyway? What purpose does the rest of the universe serve? If every one of our 7.5 billion humans stood next to each other shoulder to shoulder in one large group, we would make up the area of Los Angeles. Compare the size of Los Angeles to the earth; the earth to the solar system; the solar system to the Milky Way; the Milky Way to the trillions of galaxies that are in existence. Why would God take the time to create something as vast as the cosmos, only to be concerned with the well being of us? Us humans who aren’t on this planet for long, might I add. Something doesn’t add up.


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