Sunday night journaling

Just away to go to sleep, I am trying to get in a good bedtime routine as my sleeping patter is terrible and has been for a long time. Had some camomile tea , took two herbal sleeping pills and watched the final episode of the Good Witch (my all time favourite comforting programme, I just love it) and I thought I’d write this journal before bed.

Had a lovely day today , we took mya to the museum and she loved it! There was a kids space where she could dress up, she dressed as napoleon! She looked so cute and then we went to a pizza place for lunch. These are the days I treasure, spending time the 3 of us❤️I made a cottage pie for tea for tomorrow so after work I can just stick it in the oven. 

 I also did some writing, iv been working on a book for a while now, but I hadn’t done any writing for about a month. The trip to the museum inspired me ! And I wrote loads, actually almost finished, and I am so pleased with what I wrote. My soul feels good and I feel really content this evening .

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