Timing The Changes

I got the job .. I am currently working a period of notice which will come to an end on Friday the 13th funny enough .. it will be a total change .. I have been working with adults with learning disabilities, I will now be working in mental health .. I am in and out of the office daily visiting my clients, I will be based on site working in a recovery unit .. I currently have a caseload of 21 clients some of whom I’ve supported for 4 years, I will now have 2 in a 12 bed unit where the maximum stay is 14 days .. I work Monday to Friday 9-5, I will now be doing shifts including weekends and sleep-ins .. I am looking forward to the changes but change for my clients can be unsettling, I am not looking forward to telling them .. I will start this process next week before catching up on paperwork, tying up loose ends and writing a detailed handover as the recruitment process for my replacement is yet to start ..

I did a shift at the new place last Sunday .. waking up at half five was quite a big deal but I arrived bright and breezy 15 minutes early, impressive .. I was on shift with a specialist, a musician guy who played great tunes as we chit chatted in the office .. he showed me around and I met a handful of residents, one of who reminded me of one of my most chaotic and demanding clients, ‘what am I letting myself in for’ I optimistically thought .. On the whole it was a positive experience with a positive vibe and I am counting down with excitement ..

Course work was slightly different this month with a powerpoint unit to present .. I love playing about with powerpoint but sent my work back in draft form looking for feedback from my tutor as I wasn’t feeling confident enough for public presenting displays .. I think I heard her mutter ‘it looks okay to me’ but I’m still waiting for direct feedback ..

Social highlight of the month .. I met a friend up in Oxford Street .. we went to the Wigmore, a tavern style formed as part of the exclusive and decadent Langham hotel with a history dating back to 1865 .. we ate mini crumpets with a crab topping and proper chunky potato chips overseen by celebrity chef Michel Roux Jr, half a carafe of fine house wine later we left for the BBC studio’s where my friend had free tickets to sit in the audience of a live podcast for broadcast hosted by political comedian Nish Kumar .. not my usual sort of thing but a nice change to my usual Monday at home routine ..

G is still texting me, we had a phone call 4 hours long but still I’m not sure, something is holding me back .. I asked a friend to do me a reading with a focus on my love life .. she did me 2 readings using different cards .. the first reading told me not to rush or force anything but to walk through the doors of opportunity and trust my inner wisdom .. the second talks about past connections, old friends, lessons learnt and moving forwards .. there are a few ways I could interpret these so I will just continue with my instincts because according to Goddess Oonah who I connect with the most, everything is occurring in perfect timing.

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