um yeah

Being tortured and interrogated and exploited in my own home and everywhere is very detrimental to my health and life.

Someone (a man) said that being tortured is  not good for my mental health.  True.  It’s not great for my physical health either.  That’s just what a lot of people ignore in St. Louis.  I don’t know what level (s) they’re putting that stuff on, but I’m tired of it.  People talk about this and that being in public and they’re not happy.  I don’t do it.  I get tortured and others put it out there.  WTF?  Really?  I was just “talking” ? Oh and was I torturing and exploiting myself every second of the day including now when someone will say some of the words I write? Wow.  Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, sure blame me.  Fun, fun, in the sun.

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