121 – oh hello again monday

What a waste of a day (professionally). I am using my new strategy of writing down tasks I start and checking off when they are complete.  So far I have 1 started. One.  Nothing complete.  Zero. So what have I spent my day on? A lot of time was a trip down memory lane via old emails between L and I. Happy memories. But memories are all they are. What else? Texting a little with H.  He’s horny and so am I. I’m so proud of his accomplishment yesterday. He looked so good to me today. I could have devoured him. But there is this job. This job that does nothing for me. Except provide a little extra income for my family. I know I shouldn’t trivialize it. But I can’t help it.

It was a nice weekend. Unusual. S’s birthday was Friday. Had his buddies over for a sleepover. Or should I say a “not sleep over”.  There was an endless nerf war.  Went on all night. But that’s what you do when you are 11 and are having a sleepover party. He loved it.  And really seemed to appreciate it. He stepped up and helped out with the preparations for it. The night of the party I slept on the couch in case I was needed.  H and D slept peacefully upstairs. In the morning after a good breakfast we sent the boys home and I got to go for a haircut.  So glad my hairdresser got me in on Sat considering I had to cancel on Thursday. Home after that and H packed a bag for his overnight stay at his mom’s. The kids and I hung around for the rest of the day. S complained that he was “bored”. I gave him some suggestions (that he didn’t like).  He kept complaining and whining while I ignored him. Five minutes later he was passed out cold.  Slept for 3 hours. I was very happy that S let D participate in his party. And that D went along with what they were doing – for the most part. Was very cute. We watched a couple of movies of her choice on Sat night. Sunday was a cool and pretty day.  My intention was to get out and enjoy it a bit but that didn’t really happen. Did laundry and sorted old books.  I am going to put boxes of books out at the curb with a notice to take them. I don’t have the time or energy to sell them. Donating makes me feel better anyway. H got home at about 3:30 after running his marathon. He was sore an stiff but he was happy. I made a steak dinner per his request. Worked on my teaching certificate for a little bit during lunch today. I am in the midst of a workshop that I have to complete.  It’s been so long since I was last working on it that I couldn’t remember how to get to it.  I figured that out finally so I will try to finish it tonight. After that there is 1 more workshop to complete and then I can apply for the certificate. It’s 3:15 pm and I finally finished the 1 task I started this morning. Yay.

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