I don’t care

Dear public,

Or myself because no one else reads this but me. My life is going pretty good. My injured finger has been healed. It apparently was just filled with pus. It was really gross when the puss started coming out of my finger. I’m sorry I didn’t post anything recently. I’m just a bit lazy and didn’t have anything interesting to type. Well, I still don’t but I decided to type an entry anyway. I hope that soon I’ll have something random to type. Here’s something that might make you laugh though. My friend hasn’t been emailing me for about two weeks and I sent her this email.

I found a spider, it’s huge. I think it was holding a gun. Are you dead???

I wonder if she’ll never email me again to make me think that she’s dead. That would not be cool. She is my second best (human) friend though so she would probably do that. You probably don’t care about my life though so enjoy this image of a smiling unicorn!




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