12 more days!

I just feel mentally lost right now. Have you ever had that feeling I have a few people I can vent to but deep down you know you really have no one to vent to? yeah, I have that feeling all the time. I don’t know, I just hate expressing myself verbally sometimes because I know I’m a cry baby but it’s like when I write or type, it just comes out naturally. lol. It’s funny though because I can’t stand writing papers but I don’t mind writing what I’m thinking about. SIGH….im not going to lie, i do feel like crying. ONLY because I got into this argument that shouldn’t have been an argument with my mum (I’ll talk about that another night), Chemistry is hard as fuck ( i can’t believe I am a science major), none of my birthday plans are going right (so it’s like “fuck it“, and I am worried about my health.

hmmm, its intersting how im kind of feeling this whole online journal thing. i think this could be my thing. i really should be asleep right now but i just have a lot on my mind. i need to get back focused on school. its like i cant keep away from the distractions SMH. definatly not looking forward to (sorry, i paused for a minute, had to hold these tears back) im just not looking forward to chemistry lab tomorrow, my teacher is just all over the place with her instructions. fuck this, I’m going to go make a bomb ass sandwich, get some sleep and journal about my day tomorrow….HOPEFULLY, IT’S A BETTER DAY

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