My last entry was sometime in August. Wow, I haven’t been here much.  The last part of summer had me so busy with remodeling and getting ready for winter. But our house is looking so nice now that I’m loving it. I can only hope it stays looking good and hopefully a strong windstorm doesn’t blow it all off now hahaha- which has happened to our neighbors.

A lot has been happening in the last few weeks. On September 23rd was min and Nathan’s first year anniversary being married. It was good, but the vacation we planned had to be canceled due to me getting the damn flu.  Had plans to go to the next state over and just have a romantic get away, but noooope. So, I stayed home in bed for 4 days straight. I woke up only to go to the bathroom and drug myself and then sleep more. Ugh. 

But on the actual day of the anniversary, Nathan went to see if I was feeling good enough to go to dinner and a movie. So we had a nice dinner out and went to see IT and he let me have my fun time running around stores just to look at Halloween stuff. EEEEEEEE I love halloweeeeeen.   I wish I lived in town so I could decorate my house and yard so people could see it. I’m weird.

But then after my sickness, I find out a few days later that one of my favorite uncles passed away in his sleep. He had a bad heart for a long time and it just finally stopped. I was a little upset…I feel like I should have been more upset, but I wasn’t.. After awhile I did cry.  I haven’t seen much of my dads side of the family in a long time since I stopped going to family gatherings, due to work most of the time, but I wish I would have gone when I had the chance to see the family that meant the most to me<3 Which wasn’t many of them.. Most of my favorite family members aren’t even blood. lol It’s usually my dad’s sisters husbands that I like lol

But the funeral is on Thursday.. ugh. I hope I can get enough sleep to go to it and function properly.  I miss you uncle Frank<3

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