My dad is literally one of the pettiest people alive.

He just kept telling me not to be emotional, even when he was obviously getting mad emotional himself for no goddamn reason. He was also getting crazy defensive, yet he was telling ME not to get defensive and not to reject criticism. All of this in terms of my stupid NMS essay, which apparently isn’t logical enough. I mean, that’s highly likely, since I’m really stupid, and everything he says to me implies that he thinks that, too. He also blamed my bad writing on my having read “fictional novels”. Which, I don’t know, maybe that’s true.

Yo, sometimes I just really don’t understand how you get to be that petty. He had to bring up my older sister, too, which is just mean. You’re talking trash about a girl who was a National Merit Finalist, who got a full-ride scholarship to an Honors college, who graduated a semester early with a 4.0 GPA, who’s going to law school with scholarships, who’s fostering a kitten that survived Hurricane Harvey. That shit’s rude.


I had a good day at school today.


I can’t wait until college apps are done, and I can just resume school in peace.


I was going to do Inktober, but I really don’t have the time.


Mariah’s “Fantasy” is one of the most upbeat and mood-lifting songs. The MV makes me want to ditch everything and just go to a theme park for a day with a friend and just do dumb stuff and waste money.


But today it was inevitable that I cried. The grief was sharp and biting when I saw the pictures of Las Vegas. But then it all turned to numbness. I think I’m just getting far too used to violence and mass shootings happening in this country and in the world; I’m numb. I can’t read too much about it, or I’ll cry more, though.

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